The Retail Network was part of the show “Log me Dren Gërgurin” where they talked about the difficulties that businesses have encountered during the pandemic.

The director of RRSHP, Yllka Metaj-Shaqiri, said that “For a revival we can not say that there was not, the same scenarios are just being repeated, so we can not expect any revival. Each closure affects the cash flow, The biggest damage has now been the recent closure, where many citizens have left for the weekend.If a family has had an expense of nearly 300 euros abroad, this has had chain effects on the economy of our country, e mostly to businesses ”

Metaj-Shaqiri also spoke about government aid packages, which, according to her, were executed late.

“The government has been cooperative with our network, they have respected our arguments, even though they have not undertaken all that they promised, it has been constantly part of the meetings. As for the auxiliary packages, they have been slow, the procedures have to pass faster, we can consider them as emergency packages but their execution has taken months. In the beginning, businesses had their reserves, but now after a year they do not have them. “Now businesses have liabilities to the banking systems and the state has not dealt with this part,” added Metaj-Shaqiri.

She also talked about the impact that the diaspora has had on business during this period.

“During November, when large countries such as Germany and Switzerland were closed, the visit of the diaspora in Kosovo has marked an increase in income for businesses, but as consumption has decreased because only basic items have been purchased. “Despite the help of the diaspora, we still can not compare them with the profits of 2019, but for a time of crisis like this has been a good help,” said Metaj-Shaqiri, among others.

Metaj-Shaqiri also called on government institutions to focus on providing vaccines, as this is necessary for businesses as well.