“Retail Association”, with members: ETC, VivaFresh, Super Viva, Meridian Express, Albi Shopping, Maxi, Interex, has reacted after the statements from the organization ‘Konsumatori’, regarding the increase of prices for the Eid al-Fitr holiday in markets.

According to the ‘Retail Association’, the director of the ‘Konsumatori’ organization, Selatin Kaçaniku, has expressed his opinion without supporting the facts and referring to the “markets” in general.

Meanwhile, they have warned of measures, saying that such statements tarnish the reputation of the companies in question.

The “Retail Association” will take measures for such a fabricated statement which tarnishes the reputation of the aforementioned companies and creates distrust among our customers. We are ready to provide facts to the public based on the verifications made by the inspectors that such a situation is not present in our markets “, said Mrika Selimaj, Executive Director of the Retail Network.

The reaction came after Kaçanik stated that “on the occasion of every holiday, most of the prices went up even though in most parts of the world the prices for holidays go down to respect the consumer citizen.”

“Among the really low prices, the number of which in some markets is increasing, there are also many falsely reduced prices, which ‘force’ the consumer to buy items with higher prices than usual”, said Kaçaniku.