The Retail Association congratulates the establishment of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, describing it as an essential step in addressing issues that have hindered the empowerment and development of the private sector in general, and that of retail in particular.

In this regard, the Retail Network calls on the established institutions to immediately engage in the continuation of reforms in the country’s legislation, bringing it in line with the best practices of the countries of the European Union. RRSHP considers important some issues and challenges which require immediate attention, such as:

✅ Reducing the informal economy that continues to create huge losses for both the state budget and formal businesses;
ImiDistribution of the new Government from populist policies undertaken earlier which are in conflict with the constitutional provisions on free-market economy and which distort free competition and which is also contrary to the Stabilization and Association Agreement and directly affects in complicating the operations of businesses in the retail sector;
✅Treatment of KALLO/food waste in products/goods through legislation;
✅ Reduction of the VAT rate for the fast food and service sector that would result in the creation of new jobs in this sector, investments in new technologies of production and processing of fast food, as well as in the reduction of product prices which had an impact on increasing consumption;

The Retail Association considers that the delays in establishing institutions have forced businesses to operate within the framework of ambiguity, complicating their operations and making it impossible to make decisions for their further expansion. However, RRSHP hopes that the newly established institutions will result in increasing the credibility of businesses and the proper treatment of issues that hinder the development of the country.

In conclusion, the Retail Assocation congratulates the new Government on its mandate and emphasizes that they remained committed to providing alternatives that enable the further development of the private sector in general, and the retail sector as the largest employer in Kosovo in particular.