PRESS RELEASE – 08.05.2020

Cooperation between the production and retail sector is vital for the development of the country

Further strengthening of the manufacturing sector along with the development of the retail sector is a precondition for the development of the country’s economy, while cross-sectoral cooperation is vital for determining the trajectory of the level of this development.

In this regard, the Kosovo Producers Club in cooperation with the Retail Association organized visits to the supermarket chains Viva Fresh Store and Interex where they met with the leaders of the respective companies. The reasons for organizing these meetings were the deepening of the cooperation, the provision of supply during the pandemic, the closest acquaintance with the demands of the consumers and the coordination of the steps that enable the development of both sectors.

The producers expressed their satisfaction with the meetings while thanking the networks for the cooperation so far, while emphasizing the need to increase the support even more in the future. On the other hand, the leaders of these retail chains, VivaFresh and Interex, praised the commitment of manufacturers in the development of new quality products in the market while providing support and demanded that communication between the parties continue, where new avenues will be opened. of cooperation and action.

Both sides agreed that in addition to the focus on domestic trade to intensify future cooperation for the placement of local products in the markets of the region, while emphasizing the need to review trade legislation in order to address issues that hinder development of these two sectors of fundamental importance for the country’s economy.

The Kosovo Producers Club and the Retail Association will organize other meetings between the members they represent in the coming days in order to deepen the cooperation and create a platform that offers alternatives for the development of the country.