On April 23, 2019, the Retail Association participated in the roundtable discussion on solving the problem against the excessive use of plastic bags in the country and the possibility of reviewing the Administrative Instruction.

The discussion / meeting was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, where various actors were present as representatives of the Cabinet of Minister Matoshi, Legal Office within the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Directorate of Environment within the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, field expert, representative of the American Chamber of Commerce, local bag manufacturers, manufacturers Club hugs, members of the Retail Network and the Private Sector Employment Promotion Project (PPSE) in the position of monitor based on research implemented and with recommendations from IQ Consulting.

On this occasion, the Chief of Cabinet of MMPH, Mr. Zijadin Geci expressed the importance of cooperation and listening to the interests and perspectives of all actors at the table, in order to achieve a common good for the country and the environment. During the conversation, different practices were shown in the region and the world, emphasizing attitudes such as that the European Parliament has voted the new Law from 2021 completely prohibits the sale of disposable plastic products. Or practices such as Denmark where only 4 bags per capita are consumed per year. While in Kosovo such an awareness practice is still not happening. Since the use of bags which come as a result of daily purchases (mainly in the retail sector), the Retailers Association emphasized that they stand in protection of the environment and therefore expressed the interest of maximum cooperation with all stakeholders to achieve either the awareness of the population through various mechanisms or other solutions which would have been in the common good.