November 7, 2020 – The Retail Association expresses its deep concern regarding the recent decision of the Government of Kosovo regarding the closure and termination of the activity of almost all businesses in Kosovo.
“Our main concern is the closure of supermarket chains and retail stores” – said the director of this Association, Mrs. Yllka Metaj Shaqiri. She further added that “we are witnessing that food supply is essential in this pandemic situation. So, markets and shops without small or large differences must continue their activity every time respecting the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
At the same time, the request of this Association to the Government and relevant Institutions is to have coordination and financial support on the measures and actions taken as such an ad hoc approach without any coordination and prior notice only for these 2 days has created losses of millions in the sector. of retail trade. Adding here the fines which are being imposed without any criteria because from the vacuum that has been created especially in recent decisions and field inspectors have created different interpretations (it is about not defining the term small market) which are hurting even more many businesses.
We must emphasize that if the decision-making continues in this way, then there is no other way but to show dissatisfaction through PROTESTS and disobedience to such decisions.
In conclusion, the Retail Association called on the Government of Kosovo to be cooperative before making decisions that directly affect the private sector and before any decision to communicate financial support so as not to spread panic to businesses and citizens in general.