The Retail Association has proposed economic measures to the Government and has made this known through a press release.
Below is their full press release where you can see the proposed measures:

“Trade in a state of public health emergency is not common while our work in these difficult times is vital to the well-being of our citizens and the economic well-being of the country.

We have harmonized plans within our companies that guarantee a regular supply of essential goods throughout this period to meet your requirements, and we are offering vital services to all citizens. Being representatives of businesses that support over 15 thousand jobs, we obviously bear responsibility and burden for workers, logistics, transportation, supply, purchasing, stock, tenants, etc. People rely on us for their needs. Finally, we have decided to shorten working hours in order to take extra care and facilitate the organization of transportation for our colleagues at points of sale who are engaged without interruption in the service of our citizens.

The work we do can not be done from home, so we are more accurately implementing the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health in Kosovo and we have taken all necessary measures to maintain health at work – since increasing the frequency and intensity of disinfection of points of sale, equipping staff with preventive tools and even arranging products to ensure the necessary distance.

All over the world, citizens are feeling the economic effects of this pandemic and the same will occur in Kosovo. While some businesses are operating together in unusual and difficult conditions to provide citizens with the necessary products, other businesses in the retail sector are completely closed and endanger their existence. Such undesirable effects would obviously not only harm businesses, but also make it impossible for employees to be compensated for their contribution. However, we consider it possible to prevent a decline in economic activity if the governing institutions take appropriate measures in the short term.

In this regard, as a Retail Association, we have compiled a list of recommendations for government institutions with immediate measures to be taken to ensure the economic well-being and well-being of citizens during this period of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recommendations listed below have been elaborated in detail to the country’s governing institutions and include:

a) Universal solidarity salary for employees in the public and private sector,
b) Payment of loan installments and other bank obligations to be postponed for three (3) months,
c) Facilitation of rent payment and exemption from withholding tax,
d) Suspension of the law on execution, and
e) Consideration of the possibility of collecting Value Added Tax inland

We highly appreciate the measures taken so far by the Government, understand the situation in which we find ourselves and consider highly the efforts to get out of this unusual situation. “While we will work hard continuously so that the market does not lack anything essential for meeting the needs of citizens, we ask the Government to carefully consider the needs of the private sector in this emergency state of public health which may worsen in the coming days.”