Economic stability based on the strengthening of the manufacturing sector and the simultaneous expansion of the retail sector is a guarantee for the development of the country, so finding ways to deepen cooperation between sectors is vital, it was said today at the meeting organized by MEPTINIS and the Ministry of Finance and Transfers, with the Retail Association and the Kosovo Producers Club.

Minister of MEPTINIS, Mrs. Hajdari emphasized that she is familiar with the problems of both sectors while she remains committed to enable their treatment through legal frameworks. However, given the immediate need for economic recovery as a result of the pandemic, Hajdari stressed the need to find alternatives between producers and retailers for additional support to the manufacturing sector.

Meanwhile, the acting Minister of Finance and Transfers, Mr. Bislimi stressed that despite the potential of Kosovo’s economy for development, productive economic entities remained modest participants in the domestic market, so the deepening of cooperation with the retail sector should be seen with mutual interest. In this regard, Bislimi stressed that the Ministry of Finance and Transfers remains open to address issues of interest for the development of both sectors.

Members from the Retail Association and the Kosovo Producers Club following the meeting discussed the importance of functioning as a whole of the triangle: producer, retailer and consumer. During the meeting both sides agreed that domestic production should continue to be supported, in order to achieve a higher standard in production, but also to push forward Made in Kosovo products, both inside and outside the domestic market. But, it was undoubtedly emphasized that the role of the Government is also essential in strengthening the role of production and facilitating trade.

In conclusion, all parties agreed that despite the challenges, it remains to work closely between all relevant parties for further cooperation, focusing on the consumer, local manufacturers and retailers in order to have continuous stabilization and stability of the chain. economic.