All over the world, citizens are feeling the economic effects of this pandemic and the same will occur in Kosovo. While some businesses are operating together in unusual and difficult conditions to provide citizens with the necessary products, other businesses in the retail sector are completely closed and endanger their existence.

The public health emergency situation has obviously hurt businesses, and will make it impossible for employees to be compensated for their contribution.

We consider it possible to prevent a decline in economic activity if the governing institutions take the necessary measures in a short time.

The government must take immediate economic measures to ensure the economic well-being and well-being of its citizens during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government of Kosovo should consider:

a) Subsidizing the salaries of the private sector

b) Payments of loan installments and other bank liabilities to be postponed for three (3) months,

c) Facilitation of rent payment through exemption from withholding tax,

d) Suspension of the law on execution, and

e) Consideration of the possibility of collecting Value Added Tax inland